Dat Lat tour – one of the most famous amazing tours in Viet Nam

Da Lat  – the most amazing place of Viet Nam

Da lat is a beautiful city of Lam Dong province. It is located on the Lam Vien Plateau of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Hidden high in the majestic highlands and surrounded by mountains and forests. Therefore, Da Lat offers a unique beauty unlike any other. Da Lat has been the subject of many musicians and poets who have composed many works of art to depict the beauty of this place. This article will give tourists a clearer view about one of the most famous amazing tour in Viet Nam – Da lat tour.

 Da Lat

Found in 1907 when it was just a hill at the station of the French army. Up to now, Da Lat city is a tourist destination that attracts both Vietnamese and foreign tourists. Da Lat city develops with the appearance of big hotels and resorts, golf courses, boarding school systems and high-class apartment buildings. Due to its high altitude and surrounded by mountains and forests, Da Lat has a mild and cool climate, it is very suitable for tourism and relaxation. Moreover, with this climate, it also helps Da Lat become an agricultural center for coffee, rice and fruit

When and how to travel in Da Lat

In contrast to Vietnam’s hot climate all year round, Da Lat has a milder and cooler climate with a temperature scale of only 11 to 23 degrees Celsius. Therefore, tourists should go and experience Da Lat from November to April to avoid the rainy season and enjoy the best feeling here.

On the other hand, tourists can also choose many means of travel such as airplanes, contract cars (Phuong Trang or Thanh Buoi) or private cars as a way to get to Da Lat. For travelers looking for and experiencing thrills, bicycles and motorbikes are the options for them.

Da Lat’s tourits destinations

Xuan Huong lake

This is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Ha Noi. This is an artificial lake, with a circumference of 5km and 25ha wide. Xuan Huong Lake was originally a valley with Cam Ly stream flowing through, where the early Lach residents gathered. Tourists to Da Lat always want to walk or bike around Xuan Huong Lake. Along the lake, they can see Japanese gardens, Yersin Park, Cu Hill.

Da Lat

Truc Lam pagoda with cable car

Truc Lam is a Zen monastery located on the side of Truc Lam Yen Tu. This place is 5km from the center of Da Lat city. This temple is not only the largest monastery in Lam Dong province but also an attraction and worship spot for many domestic and foreign tourists. It also includes many different temples and is home to hundreds of monks in simple towns

Visiting Truc Lam pagoda, tourists also have the opportunity to join the activities of the local people

Da Lat

Visiting the historical train in Trai Mat village

One of the oldest train stations in Vietnam. If tourists love the old trains and the old platform, this place will be an interesting place for them. Tourists will take a small tour of the whole station and trains. In addition, tourists can also visit Linh Phuoc Pagoda – a nearby temple and has a design style contrary to Truc Lam Pagoda. Linh Phuoc Pagoda is decorated with many colors, statues and inscriptions. Tourists will be impressed by the architecture and decor of this temple, which will be an interesting experience for them.

Da Lat
The oldest train station in Da Lat
Da Lat
Linh Phuoc pagoda

Lang Biang moutain

This moutain is the top of Da Lat city with the height from the ocean is closely 2.3 km. This place is only 12km from the center of Da Lat city

Coming to Lang Biang Mountain, tourists will experience the rural and natural surroundings from above. These will be interesting memories for tourists. Moreover, tourists can climb this mountain by foot or jeep

Da Lat
View from Lang Biang moutain

Elephant and Pongour waterfall

One of the most interesting things in Da Lat is a visit to Elephant Falls and Pongour. Elephant Falls is about 30km from Dat Lat, tourists can visit the stops at the coffee, tea plantations, rice wine distilleries and cricket farms during the journey. The calendar can enjoy the clear blue water, the fresh and peaceful natural atmosphere, you can hear the “tearing rosch” as the water flows from the waterfall and the animals here. All will be an interesting and unforgettable experience for tourists.

Da Lat
Elephant waterfall

With Pongour Falls, this place is further away than Elephant Falls and takes an extra hour to move. Although the road to this place is rugged and difficult to walk, it compensates with the wonderful natural scenery during the trip.

Pongour waterfall offers tourists wild and beautiful beauty. Tourists can see big rocks and rushing water. Guests can also enjoy the beauty and the sounds of nature around them and take a picture later. This is an exciting experience for tourists who will immerse themselves in the beauty of nature and return to the pristine period of the earth with rows of trees, rocks, waterfalls and clear blue water.

Da Lat tour
Pongour waterfall

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