5 days 4 nights Thailand tour

The ThaiLand tour

Thailand is a beautiful Southeast Asian country and is located in the East of Vietnam. In addition, Thailand is famous country for its beautiful scenery, Buddhist domination and  magnificent pagoda buildings. Above all, with the 5-day-4-night tour, tourists will have the opportunity to experience and understand. more about the “golden temple” country. 

Thailand tour

ThaiLand tour 5 days 4 nights

Day 1: HCM city ( Viet Nam) -Bangkok capital (Thailand)

The tourist start the journay from Tan Son Nhat airport. After landing to  Suvarnabhumi , the tourist complete entry procedures and start the Thailand tour in the Pattaya coastal city

The tourist will travel to the “tiger zoo”. This is the unique place in the world, they cultivate and tame the tigers sucessfully. In addition, the tourist can take the picture, enjoy the circus show of tigers, circus crocodile, especially fun with competitions pig learning math, pig racing. After that, the tourist will move the big restarant to enjoy the BBQ seafood and the other specialties in Thailand 

Above all, the tourist will come back the hotel and taking the rest.

Thailand tour
Tourist take a picture with friendly tigers

Day 2:Pattaya- the coral island  – billionare castle

The tourist start the second day tourist with travelling in the coral island  by  high speed train. At this island, the tourist can free to swim and have the chance to join many funny game as Exploration diving, Parasailing, Windsurfing, Cano surfing

Thailand tour

After that, the tourist will have the opportunity to visit Baan Sukhawadee- billionaire castle. This place was built by Chearavanont – billionaire with a fortune of 12.6 billion USD and is the owner of CP coporation. The Baan Sukhawadee build with the pagoda style and the main color is pink and blue. In addition, come to Baan Sukhawadee, the tourist also feel the Peace, magnificence, happiness and prosperity through design. The owner of this castle also built a natural garden around and incorporates small buildings, statues of Buddha, King Taksin, King Chulalongkorn …

Thailand tour

The Tourist can also travel the Thailand royal jewelry store. This store is the gold,diamond, sapphire and ruby manipulation place. The Thailand royal jewelry strore is also famous as the showroom of the most beautiful pearl and the heaviest ruby in the world

Thailand tour

The tourist can also visit more golden Buddha mountain (or treasure the Buddha paint). This place is famous for 24kara gold plated Buddha statue, 130 m high, 70m wide. Similarly, Thailand’s 4-region floating Market in Pataya is also an interesting tourist destination for travelers to explore and experience

Thailand tour
The golden Buddha moutain


On the third day of the tour, tourists will visit the largest honey center in Thailand to learn more about the process of exploiting honey at the golden price. In addition they also visited the snake farm and the biggest tannery center in Thailand.

Specially, the tourist also have chance to travel Suan Thai population tour. In here, tourists can feel and participate in the charming beauty of art and culture, lifestyles and precious traditions from 6 regions of Thailand. They can also experience the fresh, natural space. with a 250ha garden.

Thailand tour
Suan Thai population tour

In addition, This place is also famous for Muang Boran. This ancient city is one of the largest open air museums in the world. With an area of ​​280 hectares, Muang Boran is uniquely designed with spectacular spectacular architecture through each different time period. The ancient city of Muang Boran owns more than 115 massive buildings. In it, miniature models of buildings, monuments, palaces, temples and ruins of the ancient city in Thai history from the very beginning to the present day

Thailand tour
Muang Boran – the acient city

Day 4: Bangkok -Bayoke- central worlds

Tourists will visit the golden mountain temple of Wat Saket and Wat Yannawa. The golden temple of Wat Saket is in the heart of the capital with the Chedi gold-plated stupa and 58m high. Tourists must step through 300 winding steps like a snake to enter this temple. The temple originated from the Ayuthaya period and had many rebuiding times under King Rama I.

Thailand tour
Wat Saket golden moutain pagoda

In addition, Wat Yannawa is alo the other popular  pagoda in central of Bangkok. This pagoda has the combination of Chinese boat-shaped architecture and Thai Land’s ancient architecture, known to be the temple with the most relics. What most Buddhists come here is most likely to ask for a relics of a relic to pray for peace and show their respect. Temple

Thailand tour
Wat Yannawa boat pagoda

Moreover, Chaophraya river and Four Faces Buddha center are also a famous tourist destination when tourists come to Bangkok. At night, tourists are also free to shop at BIG C and nearby supermarkets – Robinson

Day 5 Bangkok (Thailand) -HCM city (Viet Nam)

After 4 days to visit and experience in Thailand, tourists return to Suvarnabhumi airport, check in and return to Vietnam, goodbye Thailand


Thailand 5-day-4-night tour is an interesting experience for tourists to get an overview and better understand the country and customs of Thailand. The tour is also an opportunity for tourists to have more beautiful memories and better understand the oriental culture.

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