Vietnam Motorcycle Touring – A Better Way To Travel In Vietnam

You love traveling and admiring the beautiful scenery of Vietnam but you feel bored to see it behind the car glass? Do you want to enjoy every cool breeze on every path you go to? So why don’t you try touring Vietnam by motorcycle? Believe me, it is worth your try! There are lots of great things for you to explore. Let’s check them out!

Da Lat tour

Why Do People Choose Motorcycle Tours To Travel In Vietnam?

Have you ever wondered why Vietnamese people are head over heels in love with motorbikes? Here is the list of interesting things that you only have when taking Vietnam motorcycle touring: 

Anywhere – Anytime 

First of all, when choosing to travel on motorcycle tours, you have the right to decide your itinerary and destinations during the trip, regardless of any schedule. 

Along the way, you can stop anywhere and anytime you want. When passing a long and beautiful beach, you can stop your motorcycle to watch and enjoy the undulating waves. When you see a very high mountain, you can follow the way, climb to the top to take some pictures and appreciate the scenery below.

More interestingly, Vietnam motorcycle touring will give you a chance to enjoy Vietnamese cuisines in every corner on the way you go, which is definitely difficult to do if you travel by car. So intriguing, right?

Imagine if you see a small village while being on Vietnam motorcycle touring, can you stop to visit it? Yes, of course, you can, because you don’t have to follow any schedule at all! Or when you are visiting a city but you can’t explore it in one day, so why don’t you stay for 2-3 days? Then, please travel by motorbike, you will spend as many days as you like without worrying about missing trains or flights. 

Enjoy every kilometer 

The S-shaped land is well-known as a country with many beautiful landscapes, so motorcycle touring in Vietnam is considered the best way to explore the country. The reason why is down below: 

When traveling by car, you can only feel everything through the glass. It is a pity when you go to a wonderful place like Vietnam. But when you go on a motorcycle tour, you will feel a real Vietnam in all senses.

With a motorcycle as your companion, you can look around to see all the view with your eyes, feel the wind blowing through your fingers while riding your motorcycle. You also immerse yourself in the heat of the sun and the sea breeze, the cold of the rain, the smell of the flowers during the trip. 

With such a fantastic trip, you can enjoy every landscape from dusk till dawn without missing any moment.

Meet new people and make friends 

In addition to the beautiful scenery, Vietnam is also known for its gentle and hospitable people. No matter where you come from, they consider you to be their friends, not a strange guest. 

When choosing Vietnam motorcycle tours to travel, surely you will meet a lot of people in many places you go through. Instead of choosing to stay at a hotel or resort, many riders choose a homestay to experience the everyday life of the place they visit.

When staying with the locals, you will be treated as one of their family members. Yes, you may think that it’s too good to be true but it’s the truth. You will eat with them and hear their stories of daily lives. Vietnamese people always welcome you in the warmest way. We believe that those memories will forever stick to your mind.

With Vietnam motorcycle touring, you also find new friends along the way. Maybe you just meet them on the road but with the same passion for conquering new places, you guys can become friends! 

Top Best Roads For Motorcycle Touring In Vietnam

Some of the breathtaking destinations below promise to give you an enjoyable experience in Vietnam: 

Ho Chi Minh trail/ road 

This is an emotional journey for adventurers. With the total length of 250 km, although the road is quite challenging, you will admire the panoramic view of the majestic Truong Son mountain range – the great scene that can be hardly found anywhere else. 

The coastal road from Quy Nhon to Nha Trang

As a motorcycle traveler, you can’t miss the coastal road from Quy Nhon to Nha Trang. Why? You may ask. It is not only one of the most scenic routes in Vietnam but also voted by many international travel bloggers as one of the 5 most beautiful routes in Asia. The sea route is provided by 3 fascinating sections: “Ca pass” – the longest pass in the country or Ky Co, Eo Gio, Cu Lao Xanh, promise to blow your mind.

Hai Van pass

Hai Van Pass is the natural geographical boundary between Da Nang City and Thua Thien Hue Province, crossing the Truong Son mountain range. The Hai Van mountain range is also an important natural wall to prevent the Northern cold winds from flowing in. So the nearby provinces almost warm all year round with no winter.

The pass is 49 miles to the south of Hue city and 12 miles to the north of Da Nang. If you come from Da Nang, it takes about 40 minutes to reach the foot of the pass. The pass is known as the most dangerous mountain pass in Vietnam with a steep slope of 45 degrees, with very tight bends and is like “an immortal turning” point.


With all the above information, it is undeniable that Vietnam motorcycle touring is an interesting and very worthwhile form of tourism.

I bet that now you can not wait any longer to enjoy the beauty of this S-shaped country on a motorcycle. 

Are you ready to make a motorcycle trip to Vietnam? Travel! Before you run out of time. 

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