Top 5 destinations of Northern loop Vietnam you should never miss

Northern Vietnam with poetic and mysterious landscapes has long been one of the best tourist attractions to visitors. When it comes to Northern loop Vietnam, people often think of conical limestone peaks, majestic mountain ranges, craterous valleys, misty dew sheets, magnificent terraces, cloud-covered passes, and hospitable ethnic children with innocent smiles. All are well mixed to create a very unique and attractive tour in Northern Loop Vietnam

If you are planning a trip to this stunning place, don’t miss these following famous destinations. Travel Northwest at ease! 

1. Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai) 

Looking for the best place with the most attractive terraced fields in the Northwest? Then, Mu Cang Chai is the right choice. Hailed as “the pinnacle of the natural beauty crystallized of Vietnamese culture and labor”, the terraced fields here welcome the bustling harvest season with brilliant yellow color as pouring honey all over the hillsides. The golden sunlight shimmers across the land, covering the whole peaceful space with the ecstatic fragrance of ripe rice that can not be hidden.

Scattered on the golden terraced fields, the houses of multiple ethnic minorities in the North including the H’Mong, Dao are located. The innocent smiles with the clear eyes of the children from the high mountainous area mixed in the colorful costumes imbued with the national identity paint a charming picture between men and nature to delight any tourist coming here.

2. Moc Chau Plateau (Son La)

Favored by nature, Moc Chau Plateau is like “Dalat city in the North” with fresh cool summer and dry winter. Coming to Moc Chau, you should visit the historic sites, lush green pine forests, Son Moc Huong cave, Phieng Luong peak, and so on. 

Moc Chau is such a charming water painting full of colors. The brown color of the soil, the blue sky intertwined with young seedlings, of the clear water shimmering under the bright yellow sunlight, reflected into space with sparkling rays like a colorful party in the mountains. Terraced fields in Moc Chau bring a totally new colorful, wild, and authentic look of the Northwest that you have never seen before. 

Season changes create a different Moc Chau plateau with a unique outfit that will make tourists feel overwhelmed at first to satisfied in front of the soothing and breathtaking views. The best time to visit Moc Chau plateau is May when your eyes will be treated with the green color of Moc Chau tea hills, opening up a fresh space full of vitality. 

3. Mai Chau (Hoa Binh)

Located not too far from Moc Chau town, Mai Chau town is also one of the top 10 most fascinating travel spots that must be enlisted in your Northern loop Vietnam tour. 

Although Mai Chau has not many attractions, it is still highly recommended by adventure lovers thanks to the poetic beauty, the cool fresh air, distinctive culture, and unique cuisine. Mai Chau is a destination for those who love to relax, sightseeing, and cultural – community tourism.

As the home of many Thai villages, Mai Chau becomes special with the intact old stilt houses forming a large and massive stilt house complex. Some of the best stops when traveling to Mai Chau are Thung Khe Pass, Lac village, Poom Coong village, Mo Luong Cave, Chieu Cave, Go Lao Waterfall, exhibition house of the Thai Cultural Artifacts. 

4. Sapa (Lao Cai)

Welcome to the resort town with a cool fresh climate all year round and mild snowy winters. This pristine place is the great shelter of villages of ethnic minorities such as Dao, H’Mong, Xa Pho, and Tay. This quiet but humble land comes with so many wonders of nature and people hidden. Sapa town is immersed in the fanciful floating clouds as a charming painting of sky and land.

The weather in Sapa offers visitors with the great experiences of full of four seasons: Cool in the morning, Mildly sunny and cloudy in the afternoon, cold and dewey in the late afternoon, and chilly at night. 

Sapa is also known as the “kingdom” of various beautiful flowers such as plums, pears, chrysanthemums, roses, and peaches, together with tasty sweet-scented fruits like small yellow peaches, purple plums, and Prunus salicina. Traveling to Sapa – the “City in the mist” and immerse yourself in majestic mountain scenery, the fresh and pristine climate will help you get the relaxing moments. Climb to the top of Fansipan Mountain which is often known as the roof of Indochina, and take a walking tour around the captivating Muong Hoa valley. Nothing can be better! 

5. Dien Bien 

Dien Bien is a border mountainous province located in the Northwest, about 500 km from the West of Hanoi. This magical land is rich in tourism potential, especially in terms of Culture – History. Setting foot in this land, travelers should not miss a visit to the system of historical relics of illustrious Dien Bien Phu victory. Listening to the stories about the historical feats to learn more about Vietnamese legends. 

In April, when the weather is warmer, the lush forest of Dien Bien mountains will be covered with white and red Ban flowers. Everywhere in Dien Bien mountains, the white color of this blooming flower clusters covers all the romantic valley and then soars to high mountains floating like clouds stretching across the top of the mountain. Once lost in the paradise of Dien Bien, you will not be willing to leave. 

Our last words,

The trip through the most popular destinations of the Northern loop Vietnam tours is such a short film closed by the pure beauty of mountains, blue clear sky, floating clouds, and more. Once you’ve decided to jump on Northern Vietnam tours, especially Vietnam motorbike tours organized by BM Travel Motorbike Tour, we can make sure that your itinerary will be completed with an emotional ending and satisfaction. An interesting journey will help you respect every moment of the trips in your life and live a peaceful life. Good luck and have a fun journey! 

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