Vietnam Weather in November – Where to Travel

November is the time of transition from autumn to winter in Vietnam, making it a great time for tourism activities. The weather becomes cooler and pleasant with rare rainy days. This article recommends some of the best tourist destinations to visit in Vietnam during November.

Vietnam Weather in November

The temperature decreases in November with average temperatures falling between 19 to 24 degrees Celsius. The monsoons bring strong and dry winds more often. Rainy days are rare with only 5 days and 46 mm throughout the month. However, visitors should be careful during rainy days as the weather can become very cold due to the influence of the monsoon. It is recommended to carry a jacket to keep warm during this time.

Moc Chau – A Must-Visit Destination in North Vietnam in November

Vietnam Weather in November - Where to Travel

Moc Chau is a beautiful destination for a Vietnam trip in November. It is the best time of the year to witness hills covered with white blooming flowers. Ba Phach village on Highway 6 has dozens of large fields full of white, yellow, and red wildflowers, creating beautiful scenery. Visitors can also explore Moc Chau town where dairy companies and Moc Chau tea company are located. Green tea hills, vast green fields, dairy farms, fresh milk, Phieng Luong peak, Bat Cave, pine forest in Ban Ang village, and Dai Yem waterfall are the other attractive destinations in Moc Chau.

Ha Giang – For an Unforgettable Experience in Vietnam

Vietnam Weather in November - Where to Travel

Ha Giang is famous for its stunning buckwheat flowers that bloom in November. The red buckwheat flower fields make Ha Giang plateau look like a new coat. At the end of November, the mountain slopes of the Ha Giang rocky plateau are harvested yellow rice fields along with light pink buckwheat flowers. Visitors can also explore other unique destinations in Ha Giang such as Lung Cu Flagpole – the northernmost point of the country, Quan Ba mountain, and Dong Van stone plateau.

Da Lat – A Romantic Destination in Vietnam

Vietnam Weather in November - Where to Travel

Da Lat is a popular destination for tourists to visit in November. The season of wild sunflowers starts in late October and early November, making it a perfect time to explore the city. Colorful yellow flowers cover the entire city, creating a beautiful scenery. Visitors can take a road trip from Da Lat to D’ran Lang Biang Plateau and enjoy the wildflowers blooming on both sides of the pine forest while taking stunning photos.

Ba Na Hills – A Little Europe in Vietnam

Vietnam Weather in November - Where to Travel

Vietnam Weather in November - Where to Travel

Ba Na Hills is an ideal resort for visitors to Da Nang with its cool climate throughout the year. It boasts one of the world’s longest and highest cable cars. Visitors can experience a European vibe while exploring Ba Na Hills with its French-style village, gardens, and amusement park.

In conclusion, November is a great time to visit Vietnam with its pleasant weather and various tourist destinations. Moc Chau, Ha Giang, Da Lat, and Ba Na Hills are some of the top recommended destinations to visit during this time. Don’t forget to carry a jacket as the weather can get cold due to the influence of monsoons, especially during rainy days.

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