What do foreigners miss out about Vietnam visa for Indians ?

Traveling to Vietnam for both a short or a long trip will requires you a Vietnam visa. As India is not in Vietnam visa exemption list, you have to apply Vietnam visa for Indians. What knowledge do you need to know?

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Being famous for one among safest places all over the world, Vietnam – an Asian country – attracts thousand of visitors including Indian citizens come throughout a year for many purpose as traveling, working, visiting relatives… So Indian passport holders need visa to Vietnam or Not? The answer is YES and below are information about Vietnam visa for Indians.

Wanting to travel abroad? The visa application process for most countries is reason enough for many citizens from some countries. Often long and tedious, the list of documentation required can be exhaustive. Vietnam, however, has a relatively easy visa application process, especially if it is done online. Being an Indian passport holders, here are all you need to know to get Vietnam visa for Indians.

Why should Indian citizens need to use Vietnam visa on Arrival?

Vietnam visa for Indians

Instead of using traditional way: applying directly at Vietnam Embassy near your home, it is now more convenient for people living far from the embassy: applying online and getting your visa at Vietnam International airports. Have you ever use it? This is some of its outstanding features as follows:

  1. Simplicity to apply: To apply for Vietnam visa, you are not required to travel to Vietnam embassy/consulate, to prepare written documents at all. The only thing you need is a device with internet connection to submit online application form and get visa approval letter sent to your email. It is applied for both Vietnam tourist visa for Indian citizens as well as Vietnam business visa.
  2. Convenience: You can apply for this kind of visa at any time and any place where internet connection is available.
  3. Urgent processing: In case you don’t have visa for Vietnam while your flight is just a few hours ahead, this kind of visa works very well.

How to applying Vietnam visa online?

Vietnam visa for Indians

Applying for a Vietnam Visa online is a convenient and easy four-step process:

  1. Click Apply Vietnam Visa form to access in the website and fill in the required information.
  2. Double check your information and make payment (for service fee) via PayPal, credit card, Western Union or Bank transfer.
  3. Receive your approval letter (issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department) from our email within 1 working day (normal service) or within required time (often from 2 to 9 hours depending on how rush your visa is).
  4. When you arrive at a Vietnam International Airport, you have to present the approval letter, your passport, 2 passport photos (4×6 cm or 2×2 inches) and pay stamping fee to get your Vietnam visa.

Best advice about How to get Vietnam Visa in Slovakia 2020

Remember, when you apply for Visa on Arrival, some extra services are available when you apply online as AIRPORT FAST-TRACK SERVICE & VIP, CAR PICK-UP, HOTEL RESERVATION, TOUR BOOKING or VIETNAM VISA EXTENSION. With these services, your trip will be more comfortable and flexible.

Applying for Vietnam Visa via Visa Agent, you have to pay 2 types of fees:

– Service fee: This is the fee you pay us for arranging your approval letter.

– Stamping fee: This is the fee you pay in cash at your arrival airport to be granted a Vietnam visa.

For further information, please do not hesitate to click Vietnam Visa fees in India to look up the visa cost.

Vietnam Visa: Applying at the Vietnamese Embassy

Vietnam visa for Indians

Applying for a Vietnam Visa directly at the Vietnamese Embassy is the traditional way that people usually do. It takes you 7 to 10 working days of processing time. You will need to download and complete the form and include the following documents with your application:-

  1. One passport-size photo (4cm x 6cm)
  2. Covering letter stating the purpose of visit
  3. Confirmed hotel reservations with contact information
  4. Confirmed return air ticket
  5. Updated bank statement of the last three months
  6. Evidence showing that you are have enough financial sources for your travel (at least USD 1,000)


Before applying for Vietnam visa for Indians, please make sure that your passport has at least 6 month validity counting from date of arrival and 2 blank pages left for new visa stamp. Moreover, Vietnam visa on arrival option is ONLY applicable for TRAVELING BY AIR to Vietnam.

Required information for Vietnam visa for Indians

Vietnam visa for Indians

  1. Your name exactly as per passport: it is your full name on your passport, name order is not important, so you can place either surname first or first name first;
  2. Your date of birth: in Vietnam, the date format will be DD/MM/YY;
  3. Your nationality on passport: the passport you are using to enter Vietnam (should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival);
  4. Your passport number: exactly as shown on your passport;
  5. Date of arrival: applicants must fill-in the suitable Date of Arrival. With this registered entry date on official visa approval letter, you can then choose to enter Vietnam on or later but not earlier than the approved date;
  6. Photos: passport photos are required at Vietnam airports only. You can use our secured online form to submit your application or find all download forms.


After knowing 2 ways to apply Vietnam visa for Indians, what option do you choose? Whether you choose to apply for a Vietnam Visa On Arrival or directly in person, it is very important that you provide all the information requested truthfully and correctly. In case you do not do so, there is a possibility that your Vietnam Visa may not be approved.

We wish you have an amazing trip to Vietnam!

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