Vietnam Exit Visa for Slovak citizens 2020

Sometimes, for some reason, foreigners who reside in Vietnam may let their Vietnam visa expired, or get their passport damaged or even lost unfortunately. What to do in this case to get a Vietnam Exit Visa?



1. Vietnam Exit Visa in the cases of expired visa

If you want to get Vietnam Exit Visa because of expired visa, the first and foremost compulsory thing that you need to do is paying the fine fee for overstaying and then you can apply for an exit visa. The fine fee is regulated clearly in Vietnam Immigration law for foreigners. According to this rule, the minimum fine fee is VND 1,250,000. The rate might be applied for those who overstay less than one week. For longer overstay, the fees are various depending on the nationality and the previous visa.

Vietnam Exit Visa for Slovak citizens

In fact, there are quite a few people overstaying for several months, even one or two years. Foreigners nowadays pay more attention to their Vietnam visa, because the fine fee for overstaying visa is much bigger. Moreover, the case becomes serious since more documentation related is required.

Steps to get an exit visa to exit visa for expire visa:

–       Contact Vietnam visa website immediately for advice on the fee details

–       Submit your passport at our office for processing exit visa

–       Receive your passport back with a new exit visa

–       Get ready for leaving Vietnam after few days (the due exit date is noted in your passport)

2. Vietnam Exit visa in the case of damage or lost passport

When you no longer use your current passport, it is obligatory that you request granting a new one with your Embassy in Vietnam. To apply for Vietnam visa (if you still want to stay in Vietnam) or an exit visa (if you wish to leave the country), you should request the Embassy to grant a diplomatic note before having your visa request accepted by the Vietnam Immigration Department. In many cases, a report on what happened leading to your lost passport should be done submitted together with your passport.

Vietnam Exit Visa for Slovak citizens

If you want to stay in Vietnam, the new passport will get a new Vietnam visa stamped. In contrast, if you want to leave this country, you will receive a seal noted the expire date (exit visa). We also wish to inform that the new stamp will cost more, but the exact cost will depend on your previous visa type and the requested type of the new visa. However, not all foreigners are approved to have a new one. Sometimes people can request Vietnam Visa Extension for Slovak citizens after paying the fine fee. Not all are the same; therefore, the Immigration will consider and decide themselves, it is not written in black and white.

Normally the exit visa will be valid seven days from the granting date, it is the scheduled time for you to exit Vietnam. In case you wish to come back you can totally request a new visa approval letter for your coming entry.

3. Exit visa at the airport

In fact, many foreigners choose to arrange the exit visa at the airport when they leave Vietnam. Actually, this is possible for several foreigners only, especially who have overstayed Vietnam just one or two days. Regarding legalization, it is not accepted. Therefore booking a flight in advance and do the exit procedure at the airport in Vietnam is totally at risk.

In short, foreigners in Vietnam are suggested to have a careful plan and finalize whether stay or leave the country at least one week prior to the expiry date of the visa. Visa extension, though expensive, cost much less and easier than being a force to pay the fine fee and request an exit visa.

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  1. We travel to Vietnam in July and has just read that Slovenia, who is memeber of EU is not on list for new e-visa procedure. What in praxis that means for us? Must we go to Embassy in Vienna or just to request for invitation letter and then gain the visa on Internation Airport in Hanoi?

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