Everything about Ha Giang Vietnam

As the northernmost point of Vietnam, Ha Giang is known as the border area between Vietnam and China, It is known as one of the highest regions of Vietnam with many free mountains, valleys and green hills.

Located in the border area, it’s easy to understand that this is not an easy place to go. Because of that, the tourist calendar to Ha Giang is not much, it gives the opportunity to experience the pristine things of this beautiful land.

Every person who comes here has their own feelings, these feelings are wonderful, Nature lovers come to Ha Giang as they find the most intimate place in their souls, passionate enthusiasts are truly challenged with the roads here, cultural lovers have been exposed to a lot of different cultures of ethnic minorities …. all both make a beauty for Ha Giang, A land with many aspects not yet known in Vietnam. Here is our guide to Ha Giang!

Ha Giang- a bit of History

With history formed more than 3000 years ago, this place was the land of minority people, the area was ruled by a number of minority tribes such as Daos, H ‘May because of That gives this land a lot of cultural value.

Everything about Ha Giang

With history formed more than 3000 years ago, this place was the land of minority people, the area was ruled by a number of minority tribes such as Daos, H ‘May because of That gives this land a lot of cultural value. Because of the rule of the tribes, there are traditions of protecting their territory.

In 1886, when the French came to set up military bases here, they encountered great resistance from indigenous people. The uprooted revolts have left many imprints in the history of national formation and defense.

Today, Ha Giang is a quiet province in the northeast of the country. Ethnic minorities still make up the majority of the population and make this area an interesting and interesting place to visit for visitors who want to learn more about Vietnam countryside and the country’s cultural diversity.

The Best Time to Visit Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a beautiful land, you can come here at any time of the year. But if you have the best time to come to Ha Giang, you will surely have a memorable trip.

Ha Giang experiences two main seasons: the rainy season from April to October and the dry season from November to March. However, at different times, Ha Giang always brings great feelings for visitors. For example, from January to March, you will see hills turning into color, the colors of life after the crowded days, Little petals start to appear to make colors this land adds life. It will be great for nature lovers, want to see strange flowers in this land.

In April, you can catch Khau Vai Love Market, a special event that takes place only once a year. On this day, suppliers from all over the province come to sell their products in a variety of colors. Check exactly when this year is because the exact date depends on the lunar calendar and changes every year.

From May to July, farmers irrigate their rice fields, making a rich, vibrant blue as a result. Get ready for some valuable postcard photos during this time of year!

In September and October, rice fields begin to ripen gradually, which is the season of prosperity, of happy long days of care of the people. This is also the most beautiful season in Ha Giang with more roads, people who come to have beautiful pictures with ripe rice fields, there are people who come for passion.

From the end of November to the end of the year, there is a chance of snow. Do you think you will find snow in Vietnam? Here in the north, it can happen! Even if you don’t catch snow, the province is still beautiful in the winter when the dense fog flies around the hills and makes you feel like you’re in another world. If you are traveling to Ha Giang during this period, remember to bring warm jackets, long pants, and good shoes.

Coming to Ha Giang By Motorbike, Why Not? An interesting experience for anyone.

I want to tell you that, if you are a nature lover or an experienced lover, your 300km journey from Hanoi to Ha Giang by motorbike will be the best trip of your life.

Ha Noi has many places to rent motorbikes, but to get the best motorbike, contact Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club, this is a great company, they have good motorbikes, but The car rental is friendly and polite, the price is always public, moreover they will give you interesting advice about your journey.

For safety, always ride with a helmet. It is a law and it is important because you may not be familiar with the creative driving style in Vietnam. Another good idea is to honk your horn when you drive into a curve without sight. That way, someone comes towards you knowing you’re there and will be in his lane.

When you’re ready to go, start your trip early in the morning to make the most of daylight. This is important because some mountain roads are poorly lit and you will not want to drive in the dark on winding roads without your knowledge.

In addition, to get to Ha Giang, you can also choose many other types to move. However, it will not bring the most honest feeling to you.

Some Amazing Ha Giang Motorbike Tours, you can refer.

Getting your Ha Giang permit

Getting a permit for Ha Giang is easy. When you arrive in Ha Giang city, go to the immigration office at 415a, Tran Phu street, give them your passport, pay 210,000 VND and in a few minutes, you will get a permit. If you are traveling by motorbike, you also need to provide them with your registration number.

Ha Giang is a beautiful place, there are many hotels and homestays for you, you can join anyone when you rent a motorbike or book through online booking services.

Ha Giang is an impressive destination, there are many famous places for you to explore and experience like:

  • Meo Vac
  • Dong Van
  • Ma Phi Leng Pass
  • Quan Ba
  • Lung Cu

I will not describe anything about this wonderful land, only the actual experience will you have the most realistic, most knowledgeable view of this land, Come and feel, after the journey please tell You know how you feel about us.

If you want a perfect trip, the best, a travel itinerary with a professional guide who is knowledgeable about this land will be a logical choice. Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club

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